We invite you to participate in CLOUD while in the Penrose Library while on Whitman's campus:

1. Select a book, using the images below, that you'd like to search for and interact with. For example, if you'd like to find Book 47, scroll down to that book, click on it, and you'll be taken to the Instagram hashtag feed for #whitmancloud47.  You'll see the most popular images at the top, then all of the images that have been tagged, in chronological order, below, so you can follow the book's journey and movement over time. (Alternately, if you stumble upon a book while already out in the library, you can go directly to Instagram to perform a hashtag search for your book.)

2. Find the most recently posted image or video, decipher the clues that have been left for you, and compare those to our Penrose Library maps to identify the book's current location. Go find it!

3. As you interact with your book, snap a photo or shoot a video through your public Instagram account to share the book's new location. Most importantly: be sure to tag your post with the hashtag of your book – for example, #whitmancloud47 – to continue the record of the book's journey.